The Earth-Star Service Manual

— the five principles of DAILY LIVING

(1) “To be humane, not perfect, when dealing with other people” is THE MOTTO of daily living. (2) “To not make a big deal about anything (i.e. to not take anything too seriously)” is THE SECRET of seeing life as it really is in the present moment. (3) “To be able to laugh at anything — especially your own ugly mug when you see it in the mirror in the morning” — is THE KEY to finding out who your true friends are. (4) “To not regret more than once anything that you may done that is unhealthy (no matter what that might be) — but to just learn from all of your prior experiences in life, both the bad and the good, so that you will progress in becoming an ever more healthy autonomous individual” is THE GUIDELINE to efficient suffering. (5) “To not live up to your own ‘rap’ all the time which means to say that it is very unhealthy (and very exhausting) to be addicted to ‘perfectionism'” –is THE SIGN that prevents you from becoming a self righteous elitist!!! Inspired by the Divine Sophia or “Sophy” (pages 136 -141)


For additional insights on the Divine Sophia – or Faithful Wisdom – see pages 79-80