The Earth-Star Service Manual


—what the author says about anonymity

In the hope that anonymity would enhance the spirit of open mindedness by further eliminating any prejudice (i.e. irrationally preconceived sympathies or antipathies which can muddy the understanding of the truths that are stored between the covers of this book), the one who is writing these words chooses to remain anonymous.

On the other hand, the author sincerely addresses this work to “anonymous friends” (i.e. perpetual truth-seekers) who are “anonymous” to the degree that they are “cosmopolites” — which means to say that they are not “prejudicially bound” by a particular race, are not “prejudicially enclosed” by a particular country, are not “prejudicially enchained” by a particular religion, and are not “prejudicially imprisoned” by a particular organization (or system or being). In fact, “anonymous friends” and “genuine cosmopolites” are one and the same in that they are both freely choose to uphold the following twin banners of the heart:

  • To spare no courageous effort to arrive at the truth.
  • To have ever-increasing respect for what lives as the evolving individuality.

    What is the greatest gift you have ever given in a completely “anonymous” way? – page 34