The Earth-Star Service Manual


The Bodhisattvas (or “anonymous” junkyard dogs or “anonymous” friends) are a rowdy, heretical crew. You may imagine them as super-evolved human beings, just like ourselves in being human but beyond us in being more evolved. In fact, they are rather like the “old masters”(i.e. The avatars, adepts,, and initiates) but with one vast difference: they intend for us to be self-guiding … This guidance toward self-guidance … will be minimal, tangential at best, a Zen pointing that does not turn itself into a substitute for what only Life-Itself can offer. (pages 60, 61)

This describes a circle of twelve Bodhisattvas who surround the divine Sun Being and are instrumental historically in the grounding and dissemination of the Christ Impulse…. Each of these twelve Bodhisattvas has his consort, as Siddhartha had Kamala, so again there are twenty-four in all. Excerpts from Human Physics by Mark Valance – page 60

Now these “anonymous” junkyard dogs (or anonymous friends) are a planetary community consisting of four kinds of bodhisattvas:

  1. Bodhisattvas Who Become Buddhas (e.g. Gotama Buddha)
  2. Bodhisattvas Rising To Buddhahood (e.g. the Jeshu Ben Pandira Bodhisattva, 1st century BC who will spiritually mature or bloom into the next Buddha, the Maitreya, around 4450 AD).
  3. New Bodhisattvas To Be (e.g. the individual who is known as the disciple Peter in the Gospels).
  4. Bodhisattva Equivalents (= any human being who freely chooses to be true to its heart in a humane, creative way not a selfish way = any human being who freely chooses to “gesture” the “true” morality within its own essence = the sons of God = the “generic community” of “free autonomous individuals” = the “true ecclesia” = the “Divine Humanity”!!! (See page 62)


Read “The Disc Jockeys In The Atmospheric Medium” pages 54 – 81