The Earth-Star Service Manual

The Dance

The Divine took the form of a Man, while the Human took the form of a Woman. And together:The Man and the Woman – the Christ and the Magdalen do not propagate anyone else (as cockroaches do when they have a baby), nor even themselves (as selfish deviated human creatures would genetically want to). Instead , they altruistically propagate each other. For theirs is the erotic protocreative union of the Divine and the Human: the tactile “heart” intercourse of Human Self-Knowledge and Divine Self-Expression – which is the miraculous mating ritual of the Phantom (Christ) and the Consort (Magdalen), the Dance of Moral Protocreativity – the Dance of the Future – Now!!! – excerpt from The Golden Melody – see page 78

For all you truth seekers out there: Christ and Magdalen never had any progeny nor is there any bloodline, as is clearly indicated in the above quote!

“Whoever does not enter The Dance does not know what is happening” Excerpt from The Acts of John circa 93 AD – page 24

“One truly lives only when one dances” Isadora Duncan – page 105

“Great is the Mystery of Marriage! For without it the world would not exist” – The Gospel of Phillip, Nag Hammadi

See also The Phantom and Consort – page 168