The Earth-Star Service Manual


“WHEN THE EARTH BECOMES A STAR”: In techno-mythic lingo, a “Star” is a community of “Moral Creative Starlings” (i.e. gods, truly humane beings, freelance dancers, junkyard dogs, etc. etc.) – in which the “Individual Starling” is generically defined as a being who altruistically gives out far more than it selfishly takes in!!! …..the distant future status of the earth when it finally metamorphoses into the Earth-Star, the “New Jerusalem” of the Apocalypse!!! (both quotes on page 131)


More surprisingly clarifying answers to this question on pages 130-132.

But to deeply understand “how on earth anyone can ever do this” you will want to read THE EARTH-STAR SERVICE MANUAL all the way through, cover to cover probably more than once!!!