The Earth-Star Service Manual


— Or Ever Freshly Created Junk-Yard Dog Techno-Mythic Lingo — Used In THE EARTH-STAR SERVICE MANUAL & WHEN DANCING IN THE STREETS Of Your Forever New Adventurous Daily Life — By Making The Common, The Uncommon

ADAM & EVE = Male (the higher self = the action of divine self-expression) and female (the lower self = the contemplation of human self-knowledge) principles. Every individual carries both the higher and lower self within

ADDICTIONS = Besides all the obvious well known addictions there are the more subtle drugs such as vanity, stupidity, false pity, self-deceit, selfish desire, competition, self-denial, blamelessness, perfectionism, which are more subtly imprisoning and thus more subtly unfreeing

ALTRUISM = See Anonymity

ANONYMITY = See Altruism


CELLULAR PHONES = Mobile instrument that enable you to do self- lobotomy any time or place during the day

CHRIST = The being who is always on his lunch break when you selfishly need him!!! See ‘Harpo’

COMMON SENSE = The highest wisdom, not so common

DANCE, THE = See Life

THE DIVINE FRIENDSHIP = See Karma / Junkyard dog / Knights of the New Round Table

DOPPELGANGER (THE DOUBLE) = Unredeemed being within that consists of all the negativities of behavior that you have accrued through all your lifetimes

EARTH, THE = The miraculous body of life we have the good fortune to live on / Junkyard

EARTH-STAR SERVICE MANUAL, THE = A technical-magiical outline to help free and heal your neighbor / self-initiation on the world stage.

EMPEROR’S CLOTHES SYNDROME” = The more vain a person is, the more stupid a person is: the more ridiculous it looks without knowing it!!!

ESOTERICS = “How to technical language” that points (simply points) to the process of birthing the “truly humane creator” out of the “deviated human creature”

FAMILY LIFE = Unless a person leaves its genetic family upon becoming an adult, then the self-same person will never find its true (generic) friends!!!

FOUR GENERIC NEEDS = To free / To be freed / To love / To be loved

FIFTH POWER, THE = Spiritual Sweat = the result of MI (Moral Imagination). See The Universal Master Key, page 148.

THE GREAT ADVENTURE = See Life / The Dance / Protocreativity

GREAT SUN TEMPLE OF IDEAL HUMANITY = ‘Afterlife’ storehouse (source) for the infinity of archetypes of altruistic proto-creativity

HARPO = The being who constantly uses a ‘circus horn’ (telepathy) to speak in your inner forum of consciousness

HELL = Vanity shoes, vanity clothes, vanity hairdos, vanity jewelry, vanity cars, and (most especially) vanity friends!!!

JUNKYARD DOG = A true friend / a person who befriends your very essence / Bodhisattva Equivalent / See also Altruism or Anonymity

KARMA = An educational program designed by the progressive gods (i.e. the allies of the Christ) for us to learn from life-itself how to become self-guiding, how to operate as free moral agents ultimately capable of collaborating with the progressive gods themselves in the future evolution of the world – such is The Divine Friendship: The Great Adventure!!!

KEY TO LIFE, THE = See The Universal Master Key (see page 122)

KNIGHTS OF THE NEW ROUND TABLE = A rowdy heretical crew with no holds barred sense of humor / See Junkyard Dog

LIFE = The Dance / The Great Adventure / Karma / See also Two Paths in Life

LORD OF KARMA = The Principal of the Daily School of Life, The Christos, Christ Jesus, ‘Harpo’, The Son of God

MECHANICAL OCCULTISM = The operation of human sexual forces in their relation to the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms manifesting as either “true” morality or “false” lack of morality

MI = Moral Imagination, or Moral Invention / See The Universal Master Key (page 122)

NECKTIES = Hangman’s nooses

NEIGHBOR = Any ‘being’ you choose to focus on and help free and heal

NEW JERUSALEM = New Heaven and New Earth = Completely New Cosmos To Come !!! / See Star / Knights of New Round Table

PHANTOM & CONSORT = Christ Jesus & Mary Magdalen / The Dance

PRIDE (OR VANITY) = Vanity leads to stupidity which leads to no individuality whatsoever

PROCREATIVITY = What every cockroach can do etc, etc

PROTO-CREATIVITY = New progressive creativity!!! See also Altruism / Anonymity / The Dance / The Fifth Power / MI (Moral Imagination) / Great Sun Temple of Ideal Humanity

STAR = A body that gives out more then it takes in!!! See New Jerusalem / Knights of New Round Table

SUITS = Straitjackets

THINKING = Thinking does not make sense / Only sense impressions make sense

TO BE OR NOT TO BE 21? = Now that humanity has reached the 21st century – the stage of adulthood – each deviated (adolescent) individual can now ask itself this question

THE (ONLY) TWO PATHS IN LIFE = The path of vain selfishness or the path of altruistic service / See Universal Master Key (page 148)

UNIVERSAL MASTER KEY, THE = A modern-day Rosetta stone (i.e. A Unique Touchstone) that can help free us from our jail cells of self-imprisonment / See diagram on page 122 / better yet – read THE EARTH-STAR SERVICE MANUAL in its entirety plus test it out yourself in your daily life!

WRIST WATCHES = Razor blades to slit your wrists with

‘ZAP COMICS’ = The Four Gospels & The Book of Revelation


Making the common the uncommon – see page 105