The Earth-Star Service Manual


These questions—and significantly more—are most timely answered in THE EARTH-STAR SERVICE MANUAL

  • What is the purpose of progressive earth evolution?
  • What has humanity to do with progressive earth evolution?
  • Was there a totally different cosmos (or cosmoses) preceding the one which the earth is in now?
  • Is there going to be a future cosmos (or cosmoses) totally different than the one that presently exists?
  • Other than on Mother Earth, does life exist anywhere else in the whole cosmos?
  • What geographical location did progressive humanity primarily exist in when they initially received their first physical bodies of skin?
  • What kind (or kinds) of so-called “physical” bodies did humanity exist in before they came to exist as they do now in their present physical bodies of skin?
  • What is good?
  • What is evil?
  • Where does evil come from and what is its source?
  • Where does good come from and what is its source?
  • What is an evolving human being?
  • What is a devolving human being?
  • Why is there Toil?
  • Why is there Suffering?
  • Why is there Death?
  • Does a human being exist before its birth on earth?
  • What does a human being do after it dies?
  • Is it possible for a human being to trespass against other human beings to any degree and get away with it?
  • Does real justice truly exist?
  • What three factors of daily living demonstrate the exact degree to which a human being is truly free, really healthy, and an authentic individuating individual?
  • What is the basis for all genuine freeing and healing?
  • How do miracles dynamically operate?
  • What is the true history of humanity?
  • What is the pivot point of human evolution?
  • What are the evils in your everyday existence?
  • What are the evil mental drugs being used on you?
  • How do evil mental child molesters prey on you?
  • What is the grave justice dealt to evil mental child molesters?
  • What does it mean when it is said that there are only two paths in life: truth or self-deceit?

Always carry good questions in your heart!!!